What is the 5210 Campaign?

5210 is a community-wide plan to improve the health of families and children. 5210 spreads a common message throughout communities, where families work, live, and play. The 5210 message represents four healthy behaviors children should achieve each day.

Parallel campaigns have been developed for Military and civilian communities (see Toolkits page). The 5210 Healthy Military Children and 5210 Healthy Children campaigns provide tips for a variety of people and places to help children meet the 5210 goals.

5210 Healthy Military Children Sector Circle Logo

5210 Healthy Children Sector Circle Logo



Why use the 5210 Campaign?

Glad you asked! Using the 5210 campaign promotes healthy behaviors for all children and the influential adults around them. ALL children, no matter their size, benefit from eating enough fruits and vegetables, reducing their screen time, being physically active, and avoiding sweetened beverages. In addition, using the 5210 campaign gives you;

  1. Gives you free access to materials,
  2. Free access to training modules to prepare for implementation,
  3. Free access to downloads of promotional materials,
  4. A health promotion campaign that can be implemented anywhere, and
  5. Free support from the Penn State development team throughout implementation and evaluation.



Who is the 5210 campaign for?

5210 is for everyone. Specifically, both military and civilian communities are participating in spreading a healthy message to people in their communities today! Check out the map below to see where the 5210 message has already reached.


Want to join forces and improve the health of your community? Click here to get more information about implementing the 5210 campaign!