CYFAR Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)

Not sure what area to focus on to improve healthy habits in your setting?  Don’t know how to see if your 5210 message is getting across?

Try using the CYFAR Health Assessment Tool (CHAT).  CHAT is a quick, picture-based survey for youth so you can get a snap shot of their healthy habits.  You could use CHAT one time or at various points during programming to see how your youth are progressing.  CHAT also provides you with a site report that includes a summary of the results and recommendations.  For more information on CHAT, email

Ready to get started? Just complete the facilitator survey to tell the folks at CYFAR about your program.  They will then send you a facilitator guide, survey code, and CHAT survey link.  Once your youth complete CHAT, they will send you your site report.  It’s that simple!