What to Drink: Aim for 0 Sweetened Beverages

What you drink is as important as what you eat. The 0 in 5210 Healthy Military Children stands for 0 Sweetened Beverages. Many drinks have added sugar and do not contain vitamins or minerals. Here are 7 tips for choosing better beverages.

  • Be a role model for your family by choosing water! 

    Drink water when you are thirsty, and offer water to thirsty children. Carry a water bottle with you, so you always have something to drink.

  • Add flavor to water.

    Try adding slices of cucumber, lemon, or other fruits. Add crushed ice and a fun straw!

  • Instead of soda or soft drinks, try sparkling water.

    Sparkling water comes in many different flavors. You can also buy plain sparkling water and add a splash of 100% juice or a squeeze of lemon or lime.

  • Keep a pitcher of water in the front of the refrigerator.

    Keeping water in the front of the refrigerator makes it easy for your family to see.

  • Choose a juice that says 100% juice on the label.

    Watch out for labels on juices that say juice drink, juice beverage, or fruit-flavored drink. These are not 100% juice. Juice beverages and juice drinks have added sugar and very small amounts of juice.

  • Avoid added sweeteners by reading the ingredient list on the food label.

    If any of the following ingredients are listed on the food label, the drink has added sugars: sugar, honey, corn syrup, and brown rice syrup. Also look for ingredients that end with “-ose,” such as fructose.

  • Watch the serving size!

    Many bottled drinks and juices contain 2 or more servings.

Remember to aim for 0 sweetened beverages every day!

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