How to find motivation to be physically active

It can be hard to get up early to squeeze in a workout before the sun comes up or find time at the end of a long work day. Here are some ways to stay motivated to be active!

  1. Find activities you enjoy doing. Perhaps you like the social aspect of attending fitness classes, or you prefer to decompress at the end of the day by running or using a cardio machine. Group sports may or may not get you excited, so try things out to see what works for you!
  2. Make it easy to exercise. If you prefer to exercise in the morning, keep your gym clothes and shoes right next to your bed. If you prefer to work out in the evening, pack your gym clothes at the same time you pack your lunch in the morning. Keep spares of items you frequently forget (socks, headphones, etc.) in your car.
  3. Break up your day with activity. Use small blocks of time to be active and get your heart rate up! Waiting for a meal to cook is a great time to get some jumping jacks in. Park away from a building entrance, take the stairs, or pick up the pace cleaning your house to get some extra movement while doing something you need to do!
  4. Make fitness a family affair. Some families have a tradition of going on a group walk during holiday events. You can also practice drills for sports your children are playing in their physical education classes to build their confidence and model healthy behaviors.
  5. Keep a log. Just like people do for food tracking, keeping a log of your physical activity can show you all that you’ve accomplished and highlight areas that can be hindering your fitness goals.