Taking Care of You

Welcoming a new baby into the home can be an exciting time that is probably filled with novel experiences, but it can also be a time that is filled with challenges, like adjusting to a new schedule and a parenting lifestyle. As you embark on your new parenting journey, remember to allow yourself time to restore and maintain your physical energy and replenish your mental and emotional resources by engaging in self-care strategies, such as eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and thinking positively. The following video illustrates how incorporating self-care strategies into your daily life can improve your overall well-being and your ability to effectively care for your baby. Engaging in self-care strategies can also offer you opportunities to bond with your baby, connect with friends, or sustain a hobby or skill.

To learn more, watch the Taking Care of You mini-booster module video, below, that was developed by Thrive!

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